MaxWise Platform Services

A Superior Cryptocurrency Trading Experience

What our trading members receive with MaxWise is the thrilling opportunity to participate in cryptocurrency market price movements from the comfort of their home or through a mobile device 24/7. MaxWise is created with user-friendliness from the offset, while at the same time delivering excellent usability, stability and user account safety. Enjoy diverse market analysis and charting tools, dedicated account support for all of your issues and concerns, all in a trading platform providing swift trade execution and competitive market rates.

Leading Cryptocurrencies

The selection of tradable cryptocurrency pairs at MaxWise is assembled to offer the most trading opportunities.

Platform Technology

Instant trade execution, advanced technical analisys tools and full device compatibility are the basic tech-features of MaxWise.

Account Protection

The range of security measures MaxWise utilizes aim to guarantee your security with us and add towards a satisfying experience.

Merging Security and Performance with Bespoke Technology

As а highly-technological cryptocurrency trading service, MaxWise’s platform has put great effort in implementing the latest security measures and solutions for your protection. We have also compiled a diverse cryptocurrency index of major digital currency, which will leave you spoilt with choice when you wish to enter thе most dynamic markets. The platform’s interface is extremely intuitive and easy to navigate through. For those wishing to get most complete trading experience, MaxWise has implemented varying analytical tools – charts, graphs and oscillators will enable you to perform full technical analysis and try to increase your edge as a cryptocurrency trader.